Shaolin Temple official website by the virus attack paralyzed whistleblower said it will produce evidence

Shaolin Temple on the abbot of the letter was reported by the net report

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Guangdong Gaozhou nursing home for the elderly because of the mouth smashed three people after the death

A 72-year-old man, a nursing home in Guizhi Town, Gaozhou City

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Shenzhen: to prevent speculation cemetery tombs also real name system

Shenzhen to be the tomb of the cemetery and ashes to store the location of the rent (sale) to implement real name system management

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Harbin suffering from encephalopathy newborn baby was abandoned cemetery covered with ants

Several green workers in the Huangshan Cemetery in the city of Harbin found an abandoned baby girl

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Heavy rains in northern Pakistan caused floods to rescue helicopters

Rescuers are still unable to reach the affected areas

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Ministry of Education: is strictly prohibited primary and secondary school organizations, students are required to participate in paid remedial classes

Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued a "no restrictions on primary and secondary schools and serving primary and secondary school teachers to make remedial provisions"

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India to display "big country balance surgery": with the United States and Japan at the same time military exercise

China and India jointly held anti - terrorism joint training in Yunnan, China

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Foreign media: the United States and Japan in the Bay of Benga held joint maritime exercise

Indian Navy sent a submarine, surface ships and maritime reconnaissance aircraft to participate in the Malabar (Malabar) military exercise

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13 ring Beijing Metro will enjoy the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei traffic development bonus

Beijing large outer ring highway project (referred to as Beijing large outer ring) has been implemented

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Guo Jinlong: peak hours outside the car limit line is a last resort

Beijing should firmly grasp the capital city development strategy

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Hunan Huaihua former vice mayor Li Zicheng and her daughter with the trial bribed 4.7 million

Li Zicheng used from March 2006 to December 2008 as the county of Yuanling County, Hunan Province, county party secretary

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Strong typhoon caused by heavy rainfall in northeastern Japan

Miyagi, Fukushima two counties of the northeast, Ou Yu, fairy stone and other lines of ordinary train from the beginning of the departure from the start

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Indonesian airport guards suspected of rape Chinese women's embassy asked to thoroughly investigate the case

Embassy negotiations strongly urge Indonesia to thoroughly investigate the case punish criminals Chinese Embassy in Indonesia third secretary Bai Lingyan told this reporter

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Net expose Hunan an illegal fireworks stall explosion official: residential fire to 3 dead

Last night, Shaodong Lianqiao Town did happen together to cause a three-person fire

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French cruise South Atlantic fire British troops rescued hundreds of people (Figure)

To the South Atlantic Ocean near the Falkland Islands

Agriculture read(1998)

Trump said the distinction between the country and business: children take over the industry

Trump also in the interview also on the United States whether to withdraw from the global response to climate change, "Paris Agreement"

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